How to play & What is

“Survive the cold and hunger by collecting resources and crafting tools! Explore the biomes, fight some dragons and find a treasure chest!”

Strave is an io game. The purpose of the game is to survive and not to die from starving!

You are starting to play poorly. In the first step, you don’t have anything. The first thing you need to do is attack the woods.

Accumulation of Woods:

You can accumulate woods for a a lot of purpose.

How Can I Get Pickaxes on this game?

By using your accumulated woods, you can get pickaxe easily.


Do not neglect your character’s meal because your character can get hungry quickly! There is always a risk which is related to die from starving. When your character get hungry, you should find blackberries.

Using of Map

There is a mini-map on the bottom left corner. In the map, there are purple colors of items. These are blackberries. The yellow mark is your’s character.If you have fed your character, you should improve your character’s skills. The item lists on the top left can help you. You need to generate pickaxes and swords.

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