Unblocked Game TIPS

If you wonder that game how to play, there are some tips for you we have prepared for you. There is the chance of being “Best Player” for this game!

Your first day on the game is probably the most difficult. You are very weak and easy to get killed. This page is here to help and get better at the game.

There is an P.V.P Area on this game. PVP meaning is “Person vs Person” if you are new to PVP, you should not try to attack players with higher level gear than you. Otherwise you can get killed easily.

When you need a lot of wood, mine the trees along the southern winter border. You can earn lots of wood there.


If you need stone or woods, you should find TWO TREES or STONES and you can start to mine them all. You can see that you will earn too much.

You should be aware of arctic foxes are faster than you. Therefore, when you are attacking stop attacking! Every seconds to not get killed.

When making farm, you should use plots to make plants grow faster.

You can harvest ice while the tempeture is heating up. Make sure that you always have a full bottle.

Each spider killing action will give you 2 ropes.

If you have swords and pickaxes, you should craft a bag in order to get free space.

While crafting a bag, you need to 10 ropes and 5 leather. It is not hard to get these of items.

Additionally, you can craft a hat in order not to get cold.

You can craft the hat with 5 rabbit skin and 4 ropes. However, wolf hat better protects you from cold. If you want to craft Wolf Hat, you need to get 5 wolf skin, 6 ropes and 1 rabbit hat.Then you can craft your Wolf Hat by using that items.

If you have sword user character, you may want to consider crafting a spear. It is better than sword because spear’s range is very efficient than others.

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