When night comes, you must burn the campfire in order not to get cold. Otherwise you can die from cold weather.By using the blue bar on the bottom left corner, you can see your thirsty level of your character. If your’s character need to drink water, you should find a lake.

While you are playing, you will see there are lots of game mods. BACKPACK MOD:

In this game, backpack is a survival item that serves to expand the characters inventory and you can pick up and gather items easily.

Crafting a backpack:

Requires a 4 Cut Grass, 4 Twigs to craft and Science Machine to prototype.

Having a backpack in this game; increases the ability to carry extra items compared to other players who don’t have the backpack in

Advantage: If you have the backpack you have access to 8 additional inventory slots. It can be very useful rather than not to have a backpack. SANDBOX MOD:

This option only for single player gaming. The sandbox game is a single player game, which is, not yet out in the multiplayer mode. You cannot play with other players if you play to choose this mod.

While you are playing this mode, you should be aware of some tricks:

Collect enough resources in order to build a campfire.
You can also protect yourself from the cold in this way.
Collect wood and stones to craft picks, if you do this method, you can have swords or etc.
You can plant the craft seeds and survive the hunger. You can upgrade yourself by finding gold and diamond resources as well.

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