Some facts about Mope Io the Io Game of Survival 

Some facts about Mope Io the Io Game of Survival

Mope is the name of a foraging/staying alive game that is played against multi-coloured 2d environment. The player is able to commence as a mouse and try and make it to the upward the food chain by the eating of berries for gaining xp. The objective of the player is merely survival and he does this by moving upward the food chain and keeping off predators.


Mope Io the Io Game of Survival – the way of playing and controls


As mentioned before the player in Mope Io the Io Game of Survival commences at the underneath of the game food chain in the form of a mouse. As he eats berries he gains xp for evolving into a diverse creature. Friendly participants/items are specified by a light green margin than outlines the items while hazardous players are specified by a red border. A player must keep off such players! Even if consuming berries happens to be the way of going for food chain development it is also vital to maintain a topped water meter topped up by the consumption of the blue colored blobs that spawn about water spots. Water’s consumed gradually as the player moves about or gets more belligerently depleted via sprinting.


In Mope Io the Io Game of Survival, the movement of a player is controlled by the use of mouse movement.


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