The hack by jLynx

Though several Bothacks have been circulating online about the greater numbers of them contaminate the computers of the users with Trojans & viruses. It’s not the same with jLynx’s hack. This makes the snake of a player grow mechanically. The downside of the hack is that it spoils the excitement of addiction.

This hack has been made by the same man who made the made the bot for the game of At the present, this bot does not just function for the browsers Firefox, Chrome, & Opera. It also functions for the cell phone Android offshoot. Below, we discuss the way of setting this hack up for Google Chrome.

The installation of the hack by jLynx

The first step is the removal of all of the plug-ins of Chrome browser that has an effect on in some way. Next, is the use of “Tampermonkey plugin.”For setting it up a player requiresclicking on a link for the extension. This is going to open a window and in this window the player requires clicking on the green colored button labelled “ADD”. Next, a different window opens and here the player requires clicking on “Add extension”.

The last step for completing the installation of this hackis getting the Bot.user.js file by Théophile Cailliau and Ermiya Eskandary. After clicking on the link for the file you require clicking on the top left side on “Install”.


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