Downloading for Android for Android is one of the best online multiplayer games where you would need to control a snake and keep on searching for other snakes which you can eat to make yourself bigger. The goal of for Android is to create the longest snake possible

Playing for Android

Move your snake through the spacious playing field collecting various bonuses. Explode snakes on your way and absorb the released energy to increase the length of your snake. Be careful not to let the head of your snake crash into the enemy or the game will be over. Set records in the for Android game. This is one of the best games that players would love to play in their past time.

The features of the for Android


  • Great HD quality graphics
  • Colorful snakes
  • Simple controls
  • Fight other players from all around the world
  • The slitherio for android requires an internet connection as well.

Here are some of the best features of slitherio for Android that you can play with. Now play the slitherio game with your friends and family and create the longest snake possible


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