Rabbit is amongst the Mope.io Animals

The Rabbit is amongst the animals in the game of Mope.io. A players becomes the rabbit following levelling up as the mouse, shrimp & chipmunk. For levelling upward to Crab, Pig, Penguin the need is for 200 EXP. Rabbits are able to consume mice as well as berries. The rabbit is capable of hiding within burrows. Its unique ability lets it generate burrows for hiding in.

Rabbit as one of theMope.io Animals

It is able to feast on Berries, all animals that are smaller in size that it like the Mouse, the Shrimp and the chipmunk, Plankton, Arctic Berries, Water, Meat, and Carrots. While playing as this f the Mope.io Animals the general recommendation is to stick about berry bushes and preying on mice. You’re able to do this before turning into a Pig, Penguin, or Crab. You must try and keep off any players unless they happen to be a mouse. You must be on the lookout for holes, since mice are capable of biting your tail.

For playing against this of the Mope.io Animals, as the mouse you are able to stay hidden within holes. Being the pig, you must try and tempt the rabbit into muck /a lake. Being a Fox, stay hidden within a berry bush before leaping out at them.


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