Playing with Your Friends

Connecting to, the online multiplayer game and playing with friends is definitely easier than you actually think. You would need to connect to the game with the help of extensions or using the Chrome Web Store version of the Slither io plus. Here are various steps of playing the game

Start playing the game like you do

When you visit the with the Slither Plus, then the enabled screen would a little different. Insert your name in the page and press the play button like you normally would to play the game. This is the best way of playing with friends. You would also need the server IP and connect with your friends. Move to somewhere which is not very much populated so you can type the IP out to your friend on the side, then keep playing.

Give your friends the IP input to connect

If you want anyone to join the server then you need to connect to the IP. Connect to the server using the Slither Plus. Ask your friend to click the button and then input the full IP address in the bar and then hit Ok to connect. Now if you would like playing with friends you can easily do so


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