The features of mods

The mods are one of the most well known mods that help you to play the game really well without any kind of problems. This article would talk about some of the features of the game

Features of the mods

There are various features of the modes. These modes have advanced features that are as follows.

  • Zoom in and zoom out features
  • Transparent spots and bushes
  • Seeing underwater animals and animals who are disguised with ghost modes
  • Advanced custom skin interface and an option to choose from variety of skins or customizing your own skin
  • Drawing tracker lines for beginners
  • Disable inactivity timeout, score change notifications, Auto Re-spawn or Auto Upgrade, hold animal still, textured hills
  • Use the food editor to replace the default foods

The game

The game is one of the most famous multiplayer online games that is has recently been launched. This is one of the most favorite games that attract the attention of numerous players online. Read this article to know more about hacks and the game as well.


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