All of the Levels

Tiers are the diverse levels of animals that a player is able to achieve for the period of a run. For upgrading to the subsequent animal /tier of animal, a player has to bring in xp through diverse forms of food or by the killing of other animals. The section below had the complete Tier list.

The Levels

Among the Levels the first level has the Mouse/Shrimp, the second level has the Rabbit/ Arctic Hare/ Trout, the third level has the Pig/ Penguin/ Crab, the fourth tier has the Sea-horse/Seal/ Mole, the fifth tier has the Deer/ Reindeer/ Squid, the sixth tier has the Fox/Arctic Fox/ jelly fish/ Hedgehog, the seventh tier has the Zebra/ Turtle/Muskox/ Donkey, the eighth has the Cheetah/ Stingray/Wolf/ Giraffe, the ninth tier has the Lion/ Pufferfish/ Gorilla/Snow leopard, the tenth level has the Eagle/ Bear/Swordfish/Walrus, the eleventh tier has Tiger/Octopus/ Croc/Polar Bear, the twelfth tier has Shark/Wolverine/ Rhino/Cobra, the thirteenth level has the Killer Whale/ Hippo/ Boa Constrictor/ Sabertooth Tiger, the fourteenth tier has the Blue Whale/ Elephant/ Giant Spider/ Mammoth, the fifteenth tier has the Kraken/ Dragon/Yeti!/ King Crab/ T-REX, and the sixteenth level has the: Land Monster/ Ice Monster/ Sea Monster/Dino Monster.

The very last of the Levels is Tier 17 and it has Black Dragon.


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