Join the World of Sandbox

The sandbox is now termed as a detached game mode which was added on the 28th January. In the Sandbox mode you can immediately evolve to the next tier by pressing the arrow up key and then pressing the arrow down key. You can connect to the sandbox to the bottom right of the logo

The sandbox mode

If you are an animal from the top tier like a Dragon, then you can press the up key to evolve like a mouse in the sandbox mode. Before February you can upgrade with the double click. This can also be accessible by typing the sandbox into the search bar. If you try to play with the sandbox mode by typing the sandbox, then it would show a blank page. The sandbox is not officially live yet and would be coming soon.

How to play the sandbox mode?

The controls of the game are really uncomplicated. Click on the left click mouse to run and the W button to swim. You can also press the enter button in the game to chat with the other players. You would have to eat the players and the food that are outlined with the green color and also try and avoid the red color


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