How to Create Custom Heads & Tails?

There are various different mods of that gamers love to play with many new features have also been added with brand new updates as well. So how can you create custom heads and tails?


Creating custom heads and tails

Players can easily put in their own heads and tails in the mod. The insertion and the addition method are really easy. You would first need to download the mod from the Google web store or You can choose from various types and the mods have two methods of download that are from tamper monkey and Google Web store. You need to disable or remove all the other mods on your web browser. You can also see, create or change skin button under the left after installing the application and you need you click Create Your Skin and you can create custom heads and tail. You can add and upload your own heads and tails and add image files like PNG and J Peg. If you choose the antenna feature and by removing the tick in the box, the antenna will disappear.

Gathering variety of mods

You can gather variety of information about the mods mods are known to have three items including the guide to play with as well. There are various options of the new mod with the mod script. So that you can play it easily. This will help you to install, download the new mod and more. The mod will also help you to create new country flags and skins, your own team logos and it can also help you to create your own skin.

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