Have You Played Mope.io Game Before?

The Mope.io game remains to be the new gaming sensation that is now popular among the online gaming generation. It offers a variety of characters where you can adapt as the role play of the game. Have you Played Mope.io Game Before? You will play as a small mouse that will try and increase in size. You would have to search for berries as your food and increase in size.

How you progress through the mope.io game

Make sure to eat more and stay hydrated as you progress through the game. As you start eating more and more, you would progress through the food chain and can evolve into more powerful mope.io animals. You can also gain more number of XP points in the mope.io games as you travel through the game and become stronger. You would also need to keep yourself hydrated in the game.

The controls of the mope.io game

Eat food or players to grow in size and evolve into more powerful and stronger animals as you progress up to the food chain in the mope.iogame. Drink water and stay hydrated to survive. You can climb the food chain higher by searching for more animals in this survival game. Your animal follows the cursor. Hold the left click key to run, press Enter to chat, hold the right click to dive into a body of water, press W to charge in a straight direction.


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