Do You Play with Mods? is like the other online io games and offers some interesting modes to all their players. If you start playing with the mods then you would get an opportunity to gain an edge over your opponents by various features and options.

Where are mods available?

The game has just released and thus, the mods are not yet available except in the chrome web store. The mods would however be added to the game and they are on the verge of being developed and published as script worldwide. The mod in game controls are very simple and easy to manoeuvre and players can easily play the games with the controls

The in game controls

In order to play the game you need to understand the gaming controls. If you are new in this game, then you can learn the controls easily. The controls are really uncomplicated and are really trouble free. You can use your left mouse button to run, or you can fire the water or launch your attacks to the enemies by pressing the W key or the right mouse button. In order to chat with other players, you can press the enter key


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