Tips and Tricks: Ultimate Guide How to Play the Game and Get Ahead Without Hacking game is currently at the top of the io gaming charts and there are a number of tips and tricks that you can also use to win the game without any kind of hacking. Here is a complete guide to get the same.

The best tips and tricks without hacking the game

There are numerous tips and tricks that you can use for winning in the game without hacking. Here are the following tactics that you can follow to win the game.

  • When you are small, hide behind shelters to save your circle
  • Once you grow in size, it can be a good idea to split yourself into smaller cells to move more quickly.
  • The playing board has edges so rather than chasing your opponents down try and trap your rivals at the edges and then try and consume them well
  • Try and avoid the smaller snakes as they are faster and quicker
  • Eat as much as snake remnants as possible
  • Select what you eat

Playing the game guide

Apart from these tips, you should make most of your attribute. Keep munching on the pellets so that you grow large enough to eat your competition. Then you’re ready to shift to other strategies that rely on your size.

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