Playing with buddies is amongst the mods

As all of you are aware of a participant in is assigned to any of the serversall over the world for taking part in this game. Subsequently, the player is arbitrarilyallotted to any of the rooms of that server having diverse players, leaders & stories. Among the mods are one that lets you play with your pals. We discuss this below.

Besides the use of this amongst the mods for playing with your pals you can also do so with the option of “Party Mode” present at the opening screen of the game. Next, we discuss playing with pals using the mod that we mentioned above. mods for playing with pals

For making use of this modfor playing with pals you require following some simple steps:

You require installing TamperMonkey(if you have the Chrome browser) / GreaseMonkey (if you have Firefox /Safari) to the web browser of yours.

Then, you must download the script mechanically from mods web site. You need not be concerned as it’s totally safe. Next, you press on the install button on the opening page. Next, visit Copy the IP info and inform your pals to paste this into the field assigned for the IP. And that’s it. Now enjoy this game with your pals.

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