Unblocked Game TIPS

If you wonder that game how to play, there are some tips for you we have prepared for you. There is the chance of being “Best Player” for this game! Your first day on the game is probably the most difficult. You are very weak and easy to get killed. This page is here to […] HACK

Then you must get in the lake in order to drink water. When the night comes, your character can get cold easily. You should stay close from campfire not to get cold. In the morning, you need to hunt animals. In this game, there are lots of animals such as wolfs, dragons, spiders, piranha, gray […] MOD

When night comes, you must burn the campfire in order not to get cold. Otherwise you can die from cold weather.By using the blue bar on the bottom left corner, you can see your thirsty level of your character. If your’s character need to drink water, you should find a lake. While you are playing, […] PLAY

How to play & What is “Survive the cold and hunger by collecting resources and crafting tools! Explore the biomes, fight some dragons and find a treasure chest!” Strave is an io game. The purpose of the game is to survive and not to die from starving! You are starting to play poorly. […]